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These 5/8 dram glass sample ROLLER vials are great for sharing your favorite essential oils, are designed to easily apply your oils or blends, and are great for travel, for emergency or for personal use. Each vial will hold between 30-40 drops of essential oils.

You can fit 10 in one of our GOT OILS™ Keychain/Travel Bags or you can add them to one of the 49 spots in our exclusive GOT OILS™ CD Travel Cases.

These 5/8 Dram (2 ml) sample roller vials come with plastic roller balls and a black screw on cap. Use one of our 1 ml/3 ml pipettes or glass dropper to fill the bottle. 

After you have added your oils to the bottle, make sure to press firmly on the roller as this will help avoid leaking. Once all the oil is in and the cap is screwed on, apply one of our doTerra labels or white labels to vial so you know what it contains.

Bottles containing oils or liquid should be stored and transported upright to prevent leaking.