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16 oz Amber Plastic Bottle w/ Trigger Sprayer


Trigger Sprayer ✅ Limit UV Light ✅ Cute Enough to Display ✅

This amber colored plastic bottle is perfect for using cosmetics, herbal extracts, essential oil blends, and so much more. All of our plastic products are BPA and Phthalate free and are PET safe for diluted essential oils and blends. Designed to withstand certain levels of UV contamination, thus being the ideal solution for light sensitive compounds. 

This bottle with a black trigger sprayer is the ideal way to dispense your favorite perfume, spritzer, floral water, body spray, or other liquid creation! Locks for traveling. 

    • Content:  (1) Amber Plastic Bottle w/ (1) Black Trigger Sprayer.
    • Size: 16oz (480ml)
    • Directions: Fill your bottle, put the cap on securely and then label your bottle.