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1ml (1/4) Amber Glass Sample Vial Kit


Got oils? These 1ml glass sample vials with orifice cap are great for sharing your favorite essential oils, gifting a small amount to a friend or selling your oils to others.

These sample vials are great for travel, for emergency or for personal use. Each vial will hold between 15-20 drops of essential oils. 

Labels for these kits DO NOT fit on the 1ml bottle We recommend purchasing and using lid stickers when constructing your kit. 

  • Content: 144 Amber Glass Vials, 144 orifice reducers and 144 black caps. 1 Sliver Oil Key & 10 1.5ml Pipettes 
  • Size: 1/4 dram (1ml)
  • Directions: You can use the pipette or glass dropper to fill the vial. 

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