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    Please be careful in how you share this information. Some of the slides are "non-compliant" and should not be shared online. Please use these as a personal reference. Also, I've removed personal and family photos from these presentations.

    1. Dr. Andy & Sherri Reinfurt

    2. Kara Hanks - Lyme

    3. Kara Hanks - 4 Aspects of Healing

    4. Mara Sussman

    5. Kim Spencer

    6. Jenica Kiley

    7. Steve Baer

    In Steve's presentation he referenced a resource for understanding your "Energy Type". Click here for a link to a free, brief, introductory course on the topic.

    Thank you again for your participation and attendance. If you haven't had a chance to respond to our survey, you can find the link here.