Sleep and Relaxation

Use Essential Oils to help you get the rest that you deserve!


Vetiver = A, T, Restful Blend = A, T, Clary Sage = A, T, I, and Calming Blend = A, T, I

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep.

Body System

- Nervous System


Clary Sage, Lavender:

-Put 2 drops each in a capsule 30 minutes before bed or drop under tongue 15 minutes before bed. 

Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Lavender:

-Diffuse 4 drops each or apply 1 drop each to the back of the neck.

Restful Blend:

-Add a few drops to your pillow before bed or diffuse.

Additional Support

Calming Blend:

-Take 2 softgels before bed. Put 1-2 drops on the bottoms of the feet. Inhale aroma directly from bottle or diffuse 3-5 drops.

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Lavender = A,T, Cedarwood = A,T, and Vetiver = A,T

Sleep is vital to good health. Use this protocol to fall and stay asleep. 

Body System

- Endocrine System
- Immune System


Lavender (7), Vetiver(5), Cedarwood(3), Frankincense(3):

-Diffuse at night or make a blend by doubling the oils and adding to a 10mL roller and top with FCO. Apply to the back of the neck and feet before sleep. Reapply in the night as needed. 

Calming Blend Capsules or Restful Blend Softgels:

-Take 2 softgels/capsules 30 minutes before bed. Alternate taking them on different nights.

Additional Support

Restful Blend:

-Add 1-2 drops on your pillow before bed or diffuse 8-10 drops.