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Here are all of the amazing prizes from us and all of our partners!

Your Oil Tools

Our mission is to help our customers provide the life changing benefits of essential oils by helping them find essential oil supplies at the lowest possible cost, with the best possible service, from a company they can trust.

Grand Prize Package

Winner: Diane Hohman  

YOT Swag Pack

Winners: Grace Sanborn, Ronda Humberson, Heather Ruiz, Julia Harold, Faythe Manstedt, Victoria Vargas-Rodriguez, Jhoanna Rae Marquez, Linda Yang, Debbie Smith, Brittany Roscheck  

Lisa Zimmer

I am a Doterra Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate and I love helping people learn how to take better care of themselves NATURALLY! Empowering families to have general health and wellness care in their own homes is my PASSION!! I also love helping empower families to find financial freedom by learning how to create your own health and wellness business with Doterra! 

Tamara Wren

Coaching with me is not some prefabricated program where you go through a workbook and get the same experience as anyone else. Nope! I work with leaders. Leaders of industry. Leaders of the community. Leaders in the home. Everyone is a leader of something. Our journey together is unique from our first hello to our last goodbye. To not have a momentary experience but a complete trajectory change.

Winner: Kelly Robson  


Our vision was to help essential oil users take the guesswork out of choosing essential oil products—by giving them a science-based, personalized scan. For that, we would need to include both cutting-edge technology and educational resources.

Winner: Lauren Kingsley   

Something Else...

Winner: Robin Magedman  

MG Photography

Come check out MG photography at the Manchester Craft Market at the Mall of NH. We are fully stocked of Note Cards which can be used in a picture frame as a matte and framed prints from our travels!!!

Winners: Jessica Dill, Sherri Dell, Tia Courtney, Valerie Welch, Aimee Heckman, Dona Broock   

Windblown Leaf Designs

I make a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. 

My designs aren’t generic “all over Etsy” stuff - I spend a lot of time creating my own artwork. 

Winner: Colleen Christopher-Murphy  

Deer Meadow Homestead

Located in the small town of Antrim, NH, I make jellies, jams, granola, and pie filling to sell at the local Farmer's Markets. All of my products are made in my 

fully licensed and insured Farm Kitchen. All my berries and fruits are grown on our farm or sourced locally.
Winner: Claire Gutierrez  

Aroma Media

Winner: Eurymay Bustillo  

Winner: Payton Lamb  

Grant Family Farms

We offer maple syrup & farm products, and so much more! We are constantly growing and changing so make sure to check back to see new updates and learn more about Grant Family Farms!
Winners: Avalynn Beugelink, Valinda Knighten  

Meloria Maille

I specialize in artisan chain Maille pieces carefully crafted and constructed one ring at a time.
Winner: Lorinda Walker 


We specialize in accessories for everyday family living. We carry products for home, work and play for everyone from babies to children, women and men. We have a little something for everyone.

Winner: Elysia Gingue  


Welcome to the whimsical world of GlassFairies. Unique miniature gardens with gnomes, fairies, and everything in between. Other products include pressed dried flower artwork, tabletop beaches, and so much more!
Winner: Monica Gonzales  

Essential Bracelet

Essential Bracelet is the newest and most stylish way to diffuse your essential oils on the go! We also carry a wide selection of essential oil accessories
Winner: Lisa Rosier


Leslie makes exquisite handmade quilts, face masks, and bowl cozies!

Winners: Dawn Moskowitz, Dianna Tait, Sandee Hamrick, Tina Perkins, Linda Mack   

Spirit Glass

I love the almost limitless capacity for originality and fluidity that blown and shaped glass presents. It allows for the connection of mind, body, and spirit into one complete form. With these elements, I seek to reshape the glass to get truly unique patterns and mixes of color, and make items that are both useful and inspiring.

Winner: Amanda Clements  


ZYIA Active is an active lifestyle brand. It is also a culture that believes in embracing activity with excitement, vigor and delight. We feel that pushing your body and mind is easier and more fun with friends and family. Our mission is to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life.

Winner: Sheri Barnes  

Texas Roadhouse

Winner: Charlene Lix  

B Soapy

Handcrafted Soap, made using natural and organic ingredients along with pure essential oils or quality fragrance oils.

Winner: Nicole Blanco-Cross  

Steve Baer's Emotional Weight Loss Course

Winner: Zoe Scott

Eddie Villa's doTERRA Your Way

Winner: Cathleen O'Connor

Eddie Villa's Unleash Your Strengths

Winner: Jeanne Gavish

Check out what people are saying about YOT!

"I was very impressed with the quality of the products I got to see at a recent Dream it & Do it event in Ann Arbor Michigan. A Big thank you to YOT for taking the time to bring us a little store to shop in. The staff took time to talk to us and explain the products in depth. I love what I bought and will be a forever customer."

- Shannon

"The customer service is one of the best! They stand behind their product and appreciate their customers. I love shopping both online and in person. Definitely recommend Your Oil Tools to all my friends!!"

- Pauline