Just getting started with Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, from cosmetic use to religious and alternative medicine. Many people who are looking at getting started  with  essential oils are looking for Ailment-biased information to help with specific needs. We have you covered from A-Z with this handy guide.

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 Quick Reference for Everyday Use

Over 250 Common Ailments

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Top Essential Oils and Oil Blends




There's More To Explore

What oil to use!

Safety & Dilution ratio 

Over 250 Aliments


Essential Oils are highly concentrated, which is why the safety section is so important.

 The book also covers the many uses of Single Oils and Blends with a reference guide on how to use them.

Topically, Internally, and Aromatically

Read through and understand what essential oils are and how to safely use them:

Look up the ailment or health concern.

You will find a shortlist of some oils to try as well as the best ways to apply them.

You will also find a single oils and oil blends section which lists the best medicinal uses for each oil and our top 15 oil blends and the appropriate applications for each one.