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dōTERRA Essential Oil Flashcards (Blends Expansion Pack)


This expansion pack of flash cards is the perfect addition to your Wellness Advocate Edition or Everyone Edition. Find new ways to share and teach essential oils! From interactive games to sample sharing, these FDA compliant and dōTERRA-themed cards are a must-have for any essential oil enthusiast!

They were designed to help teach and learn the basics about the most commonly used essential oils, including how to use them. 

  • Contents: (30) Flashcards 
  • Information Includes: Educational facts about the essential oils and their properties, Symbols that indicate whether you can use the oil topically, aromatically, and/or internally
  • Note: Key ring not included

List of Cards:

Blend for Women
Cleansing Blend
Detoxification Blend
Digestive Blend
Focus Blend
Grounding Blend
Invigorating Blend
Joyful Blend
Massage Blend
Metabolic Blend
Outdoor Blend
Protective Blend
Respiratory Blend
Restful Blend
Soothing Blend
Tension Blend
Topical Blend
Women's Monthly Blend
Uplifting Blend
Comforting Blend
Renewing Blend
Encouraging Blend
Inspiring Blend
Reassuring Blend
Holiday Joy
Holiday Peace
Enlightening Blend
Centering Blend
Steadying Blend

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