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1 Dram (3ML) Blue Glass Vial w/ Orifice Reducer (Flat of 144)


Strong and absolutely gorgeous set of rich blue glass vials. Amazing to take with you on the go! 

  • Contents:  144 Blue 1 Dram Bottles, 144 black caps and 144 plastic orifice reducers. 
  • Size:  ½" wide; 1¾" high (with cap). Holds 1 dram (3.7 ml; ¾ tsp; 1/16 oz)
  • Directions:  Use a plastic pipette or glass dropper to fill the bottle. After you have added your oils to the bottle make sure to press firmly on the reducer and screw on the cap tightly but being careful not to over-tighten.  Label the vial so you know what it contains.

Note:  Bottles containing oils or liquid should be stored and transported upright to prevent leaking.