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Our philosophy is "Don't Throw The Book at Them." 

Instead, give your new enrollment, new potential customer, or new lead some specific information targeted to something that is really of importance to them. 

Say you're at the gym and your talking to someone about the oils you just put on your joints to stay loose. They ask you about them and want some more information. 

Pull a Workouts Education Card out of your gym bag and let them know how you use essential oils to support you during a workout. Get their number and invite them to your next class. Let them try the oil that you just used for your workout. 

Do you have a new enrollment who loves working out but doesn't see the value of being on a rewards order? Give them an education card, which gives targeted, specific information that they can quickly apply and some ideas of things to add to their rewards order. 

This brand neutral card will especially resonate with distributors of the top essential oil companies, namely doTERRA and Young Living.




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