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Our Education Cards fit especially well within the book "The doTERRA Essentials", which doTERRA provides to every new enrollment of doTERRA. 

When you sit down with a new enrollment after they've received their kit, come prepared with some education cards so you can easily slide in some information specific to an area of life that may be of top priority for them without "Throwing the Book" at them. 

Our doTERRA Essential Oil Blends Card quickly gives the user the generic name of the blend plus the doTERRA trademarked name. AND it includes all the single oils of every blend on the card. The card includes limited offering blends like the Holiday Blends and Captivating Blend and includes the new Yoga Oil blends. 

It's a great resource to give to someone when they are brand new for quick reference.  

It pairs nicely with our new Essential Oil Guide, which lists oils to use for 300 ailments. Slide it into that booklet for quick reference! 




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