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Supporting General Wellness DIY Kit

Your nose knows!

Aroma nasal inhalers are effective natural solutions you can use to reap the benefits of essential oils in supporting your body with a variety of general needs. Whether it’s elevating the senses, clearing the airways or aiding in a restful nights sleep. Nasal inhalers are a simple and effective way to introduce essential oils into your wellness regime.  

Our DIY Kits contain a MyMake, a brochure containing at least 10 recipes, as well as hints, tips, safety information, and additional guidance. Also included is a sheet with labels and cap stickers to complement the recipes. The labels can be trimmed with scissors to fit a variety of bottles as illustrated and indicated on the label sheet, as well as all the bottles needed to create the recipes. 

  • Contents: 1 Brochure, 1 label sheet, 10 white nasal inhalers & 10 wicks

Not included: Essential Oils and Carrier Oils