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Children Sprays Kit


Teach young ones the power of essential oils!

Everyday sprays for Children are a quick, easy, convenient and cost effective way to make use of your essential oils in support of your loved ones with their health and wellness. This brochure contains recipes for common uses that you’ll be delighted to have on hand.

Our DIY Kits contain a MyMake, a brochure containing at least 10 recipes, as well as hints, tips, safety information, and additional guidance. Also included is a sheet with labels and cap stickers to complement the recipes. The labels can be trimmed with scissors to fit a variety of bottles as illustrated and indicated on the label sheet, as well as all the bottles needed to create the recipes. 

  • Contents: 1 Brochure, 1 label sheet, 10 clear glass spray bottles with fine mist tops & caps

Not included: Essential Oils and Carrier Oils