Post-Halloween Party Planning

Post-Halloween Party Planning

Stephen Baer

I've always wanted a Halloween inspired essential oil party. However with kids trick or treating and the myriad of other activities going on the week leading up to it, I decided POST HALLOWEEN party was best. 

We have the perfect product for your post halloween party! 

Here's how it works!

Set a date for your event. We would recommend the window between November 3 - 10th. 

Purchase your M&T kit, which comes with 20 invitation, 11 recipe sheets, 10 table tent cards and 11 label sheets. Check out the suggested order listed below:

Invite your friends to bring their children and come in costume. 

Set up your stations and teach the basics of essential oils by focusing on the kids. Teach to their level. 

Have a few blends made up in order to let the kids sample them ahead of time. 

Serve healthy food and low sugar treats to help people during their Halloween-Thanksgiving 21 day diets! 

Charge $5.00 per blend 

Suggested Order for a Successful Event:

Progeny's Potions M&T Kit: $34.95

Flat of 144 clear glass roller bottles: $49.95

Progeny Potions Lid Stickers: $2.95

Fractionated Coconut Oil:  $4.95 (4 oz)

Consider also one of our gift ideas consisting of a 10 vial key chain holder, 10 3 ml roller bottles, and the lid stickers for Progeny's Potions. It's the perfect set of oils to give to a child! 




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