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Holiday Emotional Health and Essential Oils.

Holiday Emotional Health and Essential Oils.

The holidays are right around the corner! Many of us look forward to spending time together with our loved ones, eating delicious food, and celebrating the coming new year. However, for some, the holiday season can trigger stressful thoughts that result in confusing emotions. It could be distance, the loss of a loved one, family problems, finances, social anxiety, or even the cold weather and lack of sun that can blanket us with the much-feared Seasonal Gloom.

Acceptance, pride, anxiety, loneliness, and even love are some of the many complex emotions we experience throughout this time; these particular emotions can be challenging to identify, making us feel guilty about some of the mixed feelings we are processing.

We may also struggle to allow ourselves to experience positive emotions wholly because we are not able to justify a reason for them, or we believe we are not entitled to it.

These complicated feelings can be draining. They can quickly manifest in our sleep pattern, appetite, ability to concentrate, and some other extreme effects that damage our physical health with more severe symptoms like high blood pressure, digestive problems, and migraines.

Each person is unique in dealing with these issues; however, millions of people agree that Aromatherapy using Essential Oils is an exciting, natural alternative to improve our emotional health effectively.

However, it is nearly impossible to address any problem if we are unaware of it; it may take a moment to meditate and finally recognize what we are feeling to know how to nurture ourselves properly. 

There are many ways we can become more conscious of our emotions; keeping a journal or writing a letter to ourselves is a good alternative. Regardless of the way we as individuals map out our thoughts and feelings, identifying and acknowledging our exact emotions allows us to confront that emotion and strip it of its power to overcome us.

Once we know what emotion we feel, we can take the first step toward getting better, but what are we supposed to do once we identify our emotions?  We resort to our favorite Essential Oils, and what is better than creating a recipe that not only soothes your emotions but provides an aromatic symphony that is pleasant to you and those around you.

Keeping this in mind, EO & Such has come up with a quick pocket-guide of the most effective Essential Oils that affect our feelings directly, dedicating a card to each powerful emotion. Each card teaches us the perfect blend to nurture each feeling accordingly.

EO&SUCH Essential Oil Flashcards "All The Feels"


The "All The Feels" card deck has more than thirty emotions can be found in this deck, with beautiful and bold graphics that are visuality stimulating and attention-grabbing, perfect for someone who would like some balance during these stressful holiday environment. 

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