Just Ask, Got Oils? And go for NO!

Just Ask, Got Oils? And go for NO!

Steve Baer

Have you ever felt a huge weight on your shoulders when you think about following up with someone? 

"What if I'm bugging them."

"What if they think I'm being too pushy" 

"What if I really mess this call up."

"What if I fail at this, I'll be a failure for life." 

Imagine if you approached all your follow up calls with the idea of "Going for no." Imagine how you'd show up, not caring if you get a "NO" because you expect to get a no? 

This principle is taught beautifully in the book "Going For No" by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. 

I wish we had it on our site, but alas, you may have to get it on Amazon... bummer! :)

Most people fear rejection, but what if you turned rejection on its' head and say, "I'm going for a NO?" It doesn't mean you're going to botch it on purpose, it just means that in your mind you'll remember and EXPECT that most people say no, on the first ask, but most people say yes on the THIRD.

Unfortunately, most people stop asking after the first time. 

Why? Because most people are afraid of the rejection. 

Rejection's HARMLESS. It's the meaning you give the rejection that is truly harmful.

If you offered someone $100.00 and they said "No," would you be super sad that they didn't take your offer? Would you think what a terrible salesperson you are. No, you'd think, "I offered them something amazing they just didn't see the value." I guess I need to get better at conveying the VALUE, instead of thinking I'm a failure because they didn't want my $100.00! So you go to the next person and say "Hey, do you want $100.00? Look, it's a $100.00 bill. It's yours! You can have it!" If they say no, then you continue to approach it a different way. 

When you get to the 15th person and that person finally says YES, it doesn't mean that YOU are all the sudden more valuable or that your OFFER is more valuable (it's always been worth $100), you just got better at conveying the value of your offer. 

You will get better at conveying the value of your offer with practice. But remember...

You can't develop confidence without capability. Unfortunately, you can't develop capability without confidence. 

So you have to keep practicing. You won't be really good right away unless there were times in your life when you had the chance to practice in prior jobs or opportunities.

The best way to develop confidence and capability is to just practice; to JUST ASK! 

Want to develop a bit more confidence, start sporting a t-shirt that says, "got oils?" 

Make it a conversation starter. When someone says, "Ha, got oils? Kinda like got milk?" you say, "Exactly...." and start your conversation. 

So here's some valuable content for you to consider HOW you frame your success. And here's a tool for you to remember to "just ask." 

To your success folks! To your success!! 

Steve Baer



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