Your Oil Tools Goes Global for Good

Your Oil Tools Goes Global for Good

Stephen Baer

Many essential oil users crave the opportunity to do good, whether that is by applying a few drops of oil to someone suffering or by being part of larger humanitarian causes. 

We've been exploring ways to bring products into our store that would have a global effect for customers who place a lot of value on that. 

We all want our products for the lowest possible price, but that will come at a price for someone. The more  the philosophy of "Everyday Low Prices" prevails, the more pressure on suppliers to lower costs, which places pressures on workers or on the suppliers of raw materials. That's an Economics lesson for another day. 

We discovered a wonderful non-profit organization that brings hand made and individually crafted products to the USA from nations like the Philippines, Cambodia, India, Peru, Uganda and others. We initially inquired about designing and bringing to market a specific product. 

What we found instead was an enterprising and talented woman in Cambodia had already manufactured something that was perfect for essential oils!

Meet Sok!

Sok is a handicapped, single mom of a 10 year old boy. She makes these little pouches to support her and her son. We discovered they perfectly fit 5, 10 ml roller bottles of essential oils.


That front pocket in front is great for flat samples. Young Living reps give out samples packets of oils that would fit perfectly. doTERRA reps give out samples of toothpaste or a muscle rub that would fit perfectly in the smaller, front pocket. Alternatively, doTERRA reps could put their trio samples in the large pocket. For a normal user of essential oils, this is perfect to carry around your five favorite blends in a 10 ml roller bottle (one for head tension, one for muscle pain, one for emotions, one for immune support, or one containing a favorite blend).

When we saw these pouches we thought, these are perfect! So we bought the suppliers entire inventory located here in the United States. If they sell as well as we think, we hope to keep Sok busy supporting her family as best as she knows how. 

But wait there's more! 

We have a small supply of these Perfect Pouches, which can act as a small purse and hold essential oils as well (especially 10 ml roller bottles). 

These products will be added to our store soon and we hope to continue doing a lot of good with our global partner and with our partners on the ground, these talented artisans doing there best to support their families.

Go Global for Good all you Humanitarian Entrepreneurs! 


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