Diffuser Recipes: February 8 - 14

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February 8

Some diffuser blends I create are based on how the oils mix in my hands. Today I used the Digestive Blend which is a combination of Ginger, Peppermint, Fennel, Coriander, Tarragon and a few others.

TANGENT:  I get canker sores in my mouth as a reaction to food that is not good for me (too much dairy, sugar, white flour, things like that). Well, I recently discovered that if I put the digestive blend around the outside of my mouth the oils have a remarkable ability to at least calm those sores so they're not as sensitive. It goes along with my theory that sometimes external skin manifestations may be linked to digestive issues and therefore digestive supporting oils may help with some of those skin irritations. Just a thought to try for yourself. 

So I had the digestive blend in my hands already and decided to add Grapefruit and White Fir to it. It smelled pretty good! But what to call it? I checked with my handy dandy emotions book and found that White Fir helps with releasing emotion. So I named it "Release".

February 9

Today I woke up a little edgy. I won't bore you with the details, other than to say that I was feeling a little discontent. 

Sometimes the inspiration for these diffuser recipes comes from a blend from a company. So, I looked at my emotions wheel and saw "Discontentment" and saw a Renewing Blend would be good for that emotion. 

I started with three drops of Bergamot then added one drop of Myrrh and one drop of Juniper Berry. Funny thing about the Myrrh, it's so think that I can hardly get a drop out, I almost rubbed it into my hands. That combination didn't quite have the aroma I wanted. The Renewing Blend includes Thyme and Spruce and I thought to myself, "Thyme won't smell good with this" and I don't have a single Spruce oil. So I went to Douglas Fir. Two drops of that with the others smelled quite nice. 

I've had a much more pleasant and productive morning as a result! Hope you liked it!

 February 10

I had just gotten off the treadmill for my 5 mile run and I was needing some "help supporting muscles and joint comfort and function." 

I consulted with YL's massage blend called OrthoEase and put a few ingredients from their blend together and added White Fir. Smelled wonderful and I applied it topically to my knees, calves, and hamstrings. Later my almost three year old approached me and said, "Mmmmm". I said, "Does it smell good?" He said, "Ya!" "What is it?" I asked. "Oys!" (oils). I love how my kids love the oils. 

BONUS RECIPE from January 25th

We missed posting a diffuser recipe on January 25th because I was traveling that day. I was pleasantly surprised when we had MULTIPLE customers ask "Where's January 25th?" I told a few of them we'd eventually create a January 25th diffuser recipe. Finally another customer asked about it. I needed some clever way to present this diffuser blend instead of posting, "Uh, so here's January 25th. Sorry we missed it." Lame!

I came up with "Escape". January 25th escaped and we found her! I used our Essential Perfumes Make & Take Class as the inspiration for this blend. It's not exactly what you will find in the perfume kit. But it required me to do something I've NEVER done...apply Patchouli. 

Patchouli and me, we have a relationship that goes WAAAAAY back to when my wife first started. It was the only oil that she shared with me that I said, "Uh, gross, no way, this is nasty!" (Sorry to any Patchouli fans out there, but the story gets better). I dislike Patchouli so much that we have the FIRST bottle we ever purchased from 4+ years ago. We do not use that oil. 

Well, I've been a little hormonal lately (yes, men have a monthly hormone cycle too - start tracking it with your significant other and you might find a pattern!). I created that recipe and all the sudden I was a bit more chipper the rest of the day. 

When Jenny smelled me she says, "Is that patchouli?" and I had her smell my hands. She was shocked Later in the day after being a more pleasant work from home Dad she says, "Maybe you should wear patchouli more often." 

We will see if Pat and I can reconcile our longstanding hostility towards one another. It may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or at least he can be that weird cousin that I see every now and again, express pleasantries, and then move on. 


February 11

Excuse me while I express some vulnerability here. Today is the 22nd anniversary of when my father passed away. 

He passed away at age 54, when I was a preteen. His death was sudden and unexpected and it's left a very deep impression on my life. 

So in honor of those who suffer from any loss, we hope you can find comfort in your sufferings. 

One of our customers commented on Facebook that this blend "smelled like heaven." When I read it, it brought tears to my eyes because my inspiration in creating this blend was partially "what would Dad like?" I knew he would like Myrrh and Orange. So to think it smells like what Dad would like in heaven was a very comforting thought to me. 

February 12

I was consolidating two bottles of Thyme into one and had the smell of Thyme on my hands. So naturally I say to my wife, "Today's blend needs to have Thyme." I checked out the Modern Essentials Usage Guide  (which is sadly sold out right now) and looked for oils that blended well with Thyme. The suggestions were Bergamot and Rosemary. I added a drop of Rosemary and three of Bergamot. It smelled ok. (To be honest I may use that as a blend sometime in September when you've long forgotten about February 12th!). I added three drops of Lemon, ran up the stairs and said, "Jenny smell my hands. It smells just like Pledge!" 

Seems like such a weird thing to say to a loved one "Smell my hands!" but that's what we crazy oil peeps do. 

Anyway, consider adding the same ratio of oils to a spray bottle and fill to the top with water and it will be a nice, dusting spray in your home or office. 

February 13 and 14

For Valentine's Day we had to come up with blends that go with love. I consulted with the Essential Life book and checked out the section on libido. Quite the interesting read. I created two diffuser blends based on the information I found there. 

Geranium is another one of those oils that we don't use too frequently. We're only on bottle #2 in the last five years. It is an ingredient used in detoxing blends, but it is frequently used in perfumes due to its' floral smell.

We hope everyone enjoyed this week of diffuser recipes. What was your favorite?

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Thanks for posting these diffuser blends and sharing the background of how they came to be! Quite fascinating and endearing (like the memory of your father…what a wonderful tribute).

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