Diffuser Recipes: February 1st - 7th

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Welcome to our weekly blog post discussing the inspiration behind our diffuser recipes. I'm not going too far back in time here so we'll start with February's diffuser blends. 

February 1:

You may be shocked to find out that sometimes the diffuser blends we create come from looking at the oil bag and musing, "I wonder what would go well together?" To be honest, I almost treat it like muscle testing. If you don't know about muscle testing it's a weird voodoo thing in the holistic community. Does it work? I've seen some weird stuff to suggest it can. But I digress.....

In this case I started with Ylang Ylang and Peppermint then let my hand hover over my oil case until it landed on the rest. I sort of felt like Indigo from the Princess Bride when he was using his sword to be guided to the "Pit of Despair." (Don't even think about trying to escape!) But I digress, AGAIN...

It has a nice uplifting aroma. 

February 2

It's tricky to come up with appealing names that describe digestion! Digestion doesn't recall to the mind the most pleasant or appealing verbs or adjectives. Absorb is what I came up with! The idea behind this blend was to be a combination of some normal digestive supporting oils like fennel, peppermint, and coriander. I suppose I could have added ginger as another excellent digestive oil. Ultimately, when I added three drops of lemon to the other digestive oils it smelled great! 

For topical use, this blend could be added together with 7-10 drops of carrier oil and applied around the navel to aid with an occasional upset stomach. 

My favorite digestive blend though is equal parts peppermint, fennel, and ginger in a capsule and taken internally. Some folks advocate against the internal use of essential oils but if the brand you trust indicates it is safe to take internally, then I would trust them. After all, that company would have a lot on the line to make sure their customers stay healthy.

February 3

Oh happy day. I was invited to go to Disneyland by a friend with my wife and our youngest child. We are major "Disnerds" so I just had to do a mash up of two of my favorite things: Disney and Essential Oils. The idea behind the Happy blend is to uplift the mood, which one can accomplish with citrus oils. 

If you are ever looking for a crowd pleasing diffuser blend, this one should do the trick. 

And to give photo credit where it is due, this photo came from www.disneytouristblog.com, which was one of my favorite resources when I planned a Disney World vacation a couple years back. Tom Bricker provides excellent Disney advice, though you may want to come to us for our input.

Rule #1: Never go to a Disney Park during Summer Vacation, Thanksgiving, or between Christmas and New Years unless you wish to relish in crowds. 

February 4

If we are going to do a Happy blend, we might as well do another dwarf inspired blend and call it Grumpy. 

The inspiration for this one was from the doTERRA blend called "ClaryCalm." These are four of the ingredients found in that blend (and yes, we have on the docket oil combinations inspired by blends from other companies too!).  

I have an almost 3 year old. He is such a sweet boy. Except when he's not. Every so often he gets into a major fit when life does not go his way. If that fit goes on and on, then we add some liquid calm and it soothes him quite nicely.  

I have another Grumpy blend that works nicely for me, but it's more of a holiday/winter scent so we'll cover that one on Day 347 of Diffuse it Daily. Mark your calendar!

February 5

My goal as I was creating a diffuser blend that day was to figure out something that would use Oregano. Some day I will find a blend that uses Oregano, but when I put Oregano, Thyme, and Marjoram together with some lemon it was not pleasing to my dear wife. Can't imagine why...

So I came up with "Mediterranean" inspired by Lemon from Sicily, Basil from Italy, and Lavender from France. Just thinking about that blend makes me want to book that Mediterranean cruise I've longed to do. 

At least the picture takes me there a bit. 

February 6

Sometimes as I scroll through different essential oil group pages I find people advocating certain mixtures of oils for different things. The blend from February 6 was a focus blend one of our customers was sharing on a Facebook group page. Since I have something else planned for Focus, I named this one Sharp, since I found a cool picture with a pointy building. Seemed apropos. 

February 7

Ah yes, our LEAST popular Facebook post was the one that was a mashup of another one of my favorite things and essential oils. FOOTBALL. I should know better. I mean, the essential oil community doesn't have as much overlap with the football loving community, but some day it will! 

This was an accidental blend. I was testing out a new diffuser for our partners SpaRoom. I've had a little night time cough the last week or so I put Cardamom in the diffuser that night. The next day we added Lime and it smelled delicious. 

So to celebrate the Super Bowl we put those two aromas together. They go together like Cam Newton and pouting, like Von Miller and sacks, and like Peyton Manning and retirement. 

And I thought it was clever to have roman numerals for February 7th. But apparently no one else did. :)

Wishing everyone a happy week!



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totally love this and the stories that are behind the blends too! thank you so much.

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