About Us

Stephen Baer

Your Oil Tools is the collective work of Steve Kesselring and Steve Baer. Both of us started as supportive husbands of spouses who became essential oil enthusiasts.

As we observed their spending habits on essential oil sharing and business building supplies, we thought, "That's expensive!" And thus began this enterprise, which focuses on the mission of helping our customers with their business, by sourcing their products, on their budget.  

Our goal is to effectively bring to market essential oil supplies, accessories, tools, and educational materials for:

- Essential oil consumers

- Essential oil distributors or business builders

- Aromatherapists producing their own line of essential oils

- Resellers of essential oil supplies and products

- Retailers of natural products in need of containers and other packaging

As we do this, our goal is to provide products at the best price, while giving a lasting impression of quality, speed and friendly service, all the while, contributing to the larger success of our customers. 

Got Oils? Get Your Oil Tools! 

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