Our Mission

Stephen Baer

Your Business. Your Basics. Your Budget. Your Oil Tools. 

This sums up what we're all about.

We're about helping your BUSINESS succeed. Whether you sell essential oils, share them with others, or use them in your home we hope for your success and we hope to help you in your journey. 

We're about selling the BASICS. There are tons of products for sale that are derived from the selling and sharing of oils. Do you need it all? No! We want our products to be at the top of the list as the most needed and most useful for sharing the benefits of essential oils.

We're about your BUDGET. We want to get the best products at the best price and pass along our savings to you. Best of all, as a New Hampshire based company, we don't charge you sales tax! That's an immediate savings for you! 

We are Your Oil Tools. We exist for YOUR benefit for your OIL use and your business TOOLS. Tells us what you need. We will source it and give you the best possible price. 

We are all about YOU. Best wishes for your success. 

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